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Collect all your advertising data and send it anywhere

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Your data where your team likes to have it

Funnel’s out of the box connectors and API allows you to send and visualise your advertising data wherever you want.

Often businesses need to get their advertising data into their backend system or Business Intelligence (BI) system to match it up with their business data. Building API connections to all advertising platforms you use and maintaining these connections is very time consuming. Funnel solves this problem by aggregating all advertising data and providing one straightforward API to access the data.

"Funnel has a modern and straightforward API that makes it easy to automatically pull all advertising data into any business intelligence system on an ongoing basis.”

Corinna Rossknecht, Planday

“The Funnel API makes it easy to download your advertising information and connect it with your internal data. It took me approximately 30 minutes to implement the API.”

Leif Engdell, RAV

Funnel is a Google BigQuery partner. Integration to Google BigQuery allows advertisers to download all advertising data to BigQuery and to easily keep it up to date.

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