Feed advertising data into your data warehouse. All ad platforms from one source

Get data flowing to your data warehouse in minutes

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How it works

Send advertising data into your data warehouse in minutes

1. Connect your advertising platforms/sources to Funnel

2. Send to your DWH

3. Use in applications


Flexible mapping open to end users

  • Allow end users to introduce derived dimensions (labels/tags of data rows) using simple "contains" rules or regular expressions
  • Derived dimensions can be used to "join" data from different data sources on partial values, or values from different source dimensions. E.g join on a prefix in utm_campaign from Google Analytics with the full value of Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Changes to advertising campaign structure can be updated by the marketing team without needing more developer time

Cost efficiency

  • Support not just your current ad platforms, but allow marketing to add new platforms over time without lead time or new developer costs
  • Self-service tool for end users to connect ad accounts including managing logins, passwords, tokens etc
  • Direct integration with Google BigQuery and AWS S3 with automatic scheduled updates
  • Analyst friendly data schema allows queries without need for excessive joins
  • Automatic currency conversion available for all monetary values
  • Spend analyst and developer time on understanding your data instead of building and maintaining multiple api connections

Built-in domain knowledge

  • Funnel compensates for ad platforms that are eventually consistent, with historic data changing for multiple reasons
  • Adjust for quotas, rate limits, retries, temporary errors
  • Monitor scheduled version upgrades, and manage unscheduled breaking changes as top priority
  • Understand the dimension and metric structure of data sources, default normalization and mapping of columns like campaign, cost, impressions, clicks

Time to market

  • Get data flowing to your data warehouse in minutes

"Funnel has a modern and straightforward API that makes it easy to automatically pull all advertising data into any business intelligence system on an ongoing basis.”

Corinna Rossknecht, Planday

“The Funnel API makes it easy to download your advertising information and connect it with your internal data. It took me approximately 30 minutes to implement the API.”

Leif Engdell, RAV