4 tips for marketers who don't care about Black Friday

January 17, 2022
1 minute read
Tips for marketers who don't care about Black Friday

Black Friday is a day they prepare for months in advance for many marketers. But what if you're one of the marketers who doesn't care about Black Friday? 

Have you analyzed your data from last year and seen that Black Friday isn't for you? Maybe, you're a B2B company, then it's more obvious, or maybe your brand isn't very Black-Friday friendly. 

But how should you prepare your campaigns? After all, an insane amount of spending happens during this period across what seems like the entire Internet. 

Don't worry - there are still things you can do to prepare for it. In this post, we'll share some tips on how to get ready for Black Friday, even if you don't love it. 

Check out our tips below!


The Black Friday action plan

User behavior does change during Black Friday. And a lot of advertisers change their activity and become much more aggressive. 

So, even if Black Friday isn't relevant to you, it could still affect your advertising. But don't stress, because here's what you can do to protect yourself.

1. Avoid turning your ads off completely 

This is the last resort because it interrupts your platforms' learning, not to mention your business. 

2. Monitor your CPCs closely 

Maybe turn on some CPC caps, so the algorithm doesn't try and make you compete.

3. Don't launch new ads around Black Friday 

The approval period is even longer than usual to get your ads up and running, so avoid launching anything bold or new during this time.  

4. Manage your expectations

Your click-through rate is likely to go down. Remember not to panic, as the market is unusually aggressive at this time of year.

The little black boxes that guide your marketing spend are complex machines to understand! But now you’re more prepared for it. You know not to turn off your ads completely because it interrupts your learning phase. We also recommend monitoring CPCs closely so you can control when they get too high for your budget or if there are any bugs in the system. Finally, avoid launching new ads around Black Friday - because Facebook will take longer than usual to approve them during spikes like Black Friday! 

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