How to get started with Google Data Studio Community Connectors

September 6, 2017
2 minute read

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Google Data Studio is a powerful visualization tool that allow you a lot of flexibility in the graphic design of your reports, and will let you create a detailed layout print or screen. It's a tool that has quickly gained popularity also because of the out-of-the-box integration with data from Google Analytics, Adwords and other Google products. With the launch of Community Connectors there are now a number of new ways to get quick access to your data.

Trying it out

To get started with a Community Connector, head over the the gallery and find the type of integration you are looking for. The Funnel connector will give you access to data from any ad platform, and will allow you to make comparisons between them all in the same graph or table. In the gallery hit "Add connector" to start the process.


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To get your own data from the Funnel Data Studio connector you will need a Funnel subscription with a valid API key, but just by hitting "Connect" without entering any more information you can try out the connector with Funnel demo data.

Fields in Data Studio

Looking at a list of Fields in a Data Studio connection there is an important property for each field called "Aggregation". This explains how Data Studio will treat values in e.g a "total" row in a table, or any other time you are looking at the result of combining data consisting of smaller details. All the metrics provided directly by Funnel will say "Sum", which means it is safe to do calculations with them.

For this reason you may also find some important metrics missing. Fields like CPC, CPM, ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), or Cost per Transaction are probably something you will want to add. Use the "+" symbol at the top of the Fields list to create a "calculated field".


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Then enter the formula, using the available fields and ordinary math operations (+ - / * to come up with the calculated value you need.

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Finding your data

When you add a new graph to your report Data Studio will always try to show you some data immediately. As it is not a mind reader you will not always get the metric you had in mind right away. To change it, select the graph and then click on the metric in the right side edit panel. This will show the metric selector. If the connector you are working with has a lot of data available the list of metrics in the selector may seem overwhelming. Note that the "magnifying glass" at the top right will let you search the metrics to narrow the list down.
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If you would like some inspiration for your Data Studio visualizations, the Funnel team will be happy to help. A starting point may be the Funnel Sample Report and we will be adding more examples over the coming weeks.