Admiral Markets

Before Funnel With Funnel
Centralized marketing data hub No Yes
Automated dashboards and reports No Yes
Cross-market reports No Yes
Report center for local markets No Yes

Admiral Markets are a leading online trading provider offering trading with Forex and CFDs on stocks, indices, precious metals and energy. Admiral Markets is active in over 40 countries with more than 20 local country websites and have 94 000 active clients and a total monthly trading volume of $61 billion.

Admiral Markets' Objective

Admiral Markets operate a large number of campaigns across different advertising channels. The ads platforms Admiral Markets uses include Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Twitter and industry related websites. Key metrics are CTR, CPC, CPA and return on advertising spend. They monitor performance across multiple conversion goals per website.

Admiral Markets was looking for an automated solution to achieve cross-domain tracking across 20+ websites, 10+ advertising channels and multiple conversion goals per website.

Funnel's Solution for Admiral Markets

With Funnel, Admiral Markets has achieved a solution that provides dashboards and reports for all their websites and markets that are automatically updated. The data is granular and always up to date to also allow for exploratory analysis of the results. The Admiral Markets team can now use a dedicated reporting center making reporting easily accessible for the business owners in the local markets. The solution is flexible and allows Admiral Markets to upload their own data when needed.

Admiral Markets + Funnel Highlights

  • Multiple markets
  • Multiple conversion goals
  • Reporting center for business owners in the local markets

”Manually downloading data and creating reporting to monitor performance of an advertising program that spans across 20+ websites is very time consuming and challenging. With Funnel we have implemented a solution to create dashboards and reports that are automatically updated and provide a level of detail not achievable with manual reporting.”

Mykyta Barabanov
Head of Performance Media & SEO
Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets' Marketing reporting stack