Before Funnel With Funnel
Automated data collection and transformation No Yes
Automated reports in Google Data Studio No Yes
Time to conduct ad hoc analysis 1 Hour <5 minutes
Developer required to support new platforms Yes No

The Company

Brainlabs is an award-winning paid media agency at the forefront of innovation in the industry. With a strong focus on transparency, intelligent methodologies and innovative technology, it’s no wonder Brainlabs has won "Agency of the Year" two years in a row at the Masters of Marketing awards.

With offices in London, UK and Austin, USA, Brainlabs took home the award for Financial Times" 4th Fastest Growing Company in Europe. Brainlabs strive to deliver excellent results for clients in every vertical, with clients including Expedia, F1, Which? and Deliveroo.

The Problem

Increasing number of platforms

Focused on technology, Brainlabs built integrations to all of the platforms their clients were using. As more and more platforms became important to their clients, Brainlabs realized they needed to find a scalable solution to create and maintain connections.

The tools that Brainlabs had developed were built on Google Sheets and supported AdWords, Bing and Google Analytics. As platforms beyond search were becoming more important to clients, the team at Brainlabs realised that they couldn’t have any reporting bias towards the platforms they had previously built connections to.

Multiple reporting processes

Due to the complexity of the Brainlabs team’s setup, it took time for account managers to verify they had set up connections correctly. They tended to use Supermetrics for platforms that they didn’t have in-house support for, have the tech team setup custom API based reports, or manually collect data on rare occasions.

Brainlabs’ in-house tech team would also set up custom scripts to obtain data from certain platforms. Configuring and maintaining these scripts was becoming increasingly time-consuming and required diligent checking for errors.

“Funnel has streamlined everything. It’s tidy, easy to use and reliable. It’s definitely an improvement from our previous setup”
Brainlabs Kate

Kate Belford
SEM Manager,

The Solution

Eliminating the manual reporting process

Thanks to Funnel, everyone at Brainlabs can now use the same unified solution. Manual data collection and mapping has become a thing of the past. With a direct connection to Google Data Studio and BigQuery, the Brainlabs team managed to save time and simplify the entire reporting process.

When a customer approaches Brainlabs with a new data source, they almost always find it in Funnel’s comprehensive list of out-of-the box connections. On the rare occasion when Brainlabs needs to request a new platform, Funnel has been able to setup the connection in a very short space of time.

More than an hour’s worth of ad hoc analysis is now completed in minutes, thanks to Funnel’s data collection and transformation features.

Building trust and reporting consistency

Brainlabs can now provide consistent answers to all of their clients. The team at Brainlabs now has more flexibility in terms of what they can report on, which has helped them provide more insights to their clients. This in turn has increased the level of trust with their customers.

There are no more special cases, since Funnel connects to all of their marketing sources. With access to specialized and dedicated support, Brainlabs internal tech team has been able to focus on projects that play to their strengths and directly benefit their customers.

“Funnel is now the source of truth for our clients marketing data”

Liv Thomas,
SEM Manager,

“We looked at doing this as an internal project, but realised that we'd be spending crazy amounts of developer time on building and maintaining what would essentially be an inferior product to Funnel”
Brainlabs James

James Freeman
Software Developer,

Brainlab’s Marketing reporting stack