Before Funnel With Funnel
Automated currency conversion No Yes
Automated data collection and transformation No Yes
Cross-market reports No Yes

The Company

NA-KD is an online global fashion marketplace, founded by Jarno Vanhatapio who also founded fashion e-tailer Together with other veterans from the digital fashion world, he launched with a global market in mind. Since the launch late 2015, growth has been stellar. The company achieved a turnover of 20 MUSD the first year of business, and continue to grow at a blinding pace. The recipe was creating social media engagement in channels like Instagram and Snapchat, followed by search and display marketing to translate engagement to sales. Many marketers see NA-KD as the epitome of digital success, and watch closely to replicate the strategy.

The Head of Digital Marketing, Mikael Stålnacke, oversees a complex global marketing effort focused on social, search and affiliate marketing. His team handles campaigns in over 30 advertising accounts across 11 advertising platforms, in 11 different countries with the currency complications that come with it.

The Problem

Excel reporting is error-prone and takes too much time

Mikael needed to see the cost of sale per channel and campaign on a daily basis. Especially working with affiliates and influencers, cost of sale fluctuates widely and can quickly run amok unless monitored on a daily basis. Mikael realized that he wouldn’t be able to oversee all his advertising accounts manually - that would have meant logging in to 30 accounts on a daily basis, downloading data to Excel and matching it against Google Analytics transaction data. Besides the wasted hours, Excel reports were also unintuitive and prone to human error.

“Spreadsheet reporting just wasn’t an option.”

Hard to evaluate new channels

With a global market in mind, Mikael and his team at NA-KD are constantly testing new advertising platforms, formats and creatives. He needed a way to quickly evaluate NA-KD’s campaigns in new platforms and compare them to existing ones.

Cross-border collaboration

The latest addition of a NA-KD office in Poland meant an added complication. He needed to ensure that new team members targeting eastern Europe were performing as well as campaigns run from his home office in Sweden. Cross-channel performance reports had to be standardized, and available whenever he needed them.

“Funnel saves me two hours every day.”

The Solution

Cost of Sale report - always up to date

Mikael used Funnel to automate all NA-KD’s advertising data collection and reporting. With connections to all his advertising accounts, including search, social and affiliate marketing platforms, and to Google Analytics, he now has a live dashboard where he can see Cost of Sale across all his platforms and campaign at any given time. Every morning, he logs into Funnel to see which platforms or campaigns require his attention. Funnel automatically converts currencies and enables him to compare campaigns across markets and platforms. Connecting new platforms is as fast as clicking a button, and within a few hours Funnel provides campaign performance data available in a dashboard or report.

“Thanks to Funnel I know exactly how much I spent yesterday, and what it generated in terms of sales.”
“Funnel saves me two hours every day.”

Mikael Stålnacke
Head of Sales,

NA-KD's Marketing reporting stack