Before Funnel With Funnel
Time to report on cross-channel ROI 2+ Hours <5 minutes
Cost data to Google Analytics automatically No Yes
Testing new ad platforms on the fly No Yes
Automated marketing reports No Yes

The Company

YourSurprise is an online gift shop with over 1000 personal gifts. Providing unique gifts, personalized with name, text, logo or photo. YourSurprise distinguishes itself with original gifts, fast delivery, affordable top-quality products, a user-friendly website and outstanding customer service. Currently YourSurprise has active websites all around Europe, and delivers gifts to private as well as company addresses. In 2009, 2013 and 2014 YourSurprise won a Home Shopping award for the best online gift shop in The Netherlands.

The Problem

Updating Google Sheets was a fulltime project

Peter and his marketing team were running digital advertising for 11 websites in different European markets, across 10+ ad platforms, including Adwords, Facebook and Bing but also through newsletters, affiliate networks and local marketplaces. The many websites meant that Peter had 10+ Google Analytics properties as well. In order to overview ROI (Return On Investment) per ad platform and campaign, Peter was manually creating reports in Google Sheets. It was a time-consuming job, with lots of room for human error. Because of the many different online marketing channels, each with their underlying partners, he had to login into every portal to export the costs per campaign. He would then import it to Google Sheets and finally match cost and transaction data, campaign by campaign.

Compiling the cross-channel ROI report took Peter 2 hours. Every time.

“The ability to automatically collect cost data from ANY online advertising platform makes Funnel unique.”

Adding ad platforms was a hassle

It is in Peter’s nature to be in constant testing mode. In order to get the best ROI, he tried new platforms and formats on a regular basis. However, every new ad platform meant his reporting process got more cumbersome. In some cases, this meant he didn’t have the resources to test as much as he would have wanted.

Didn’t have the ROI report when he needed it

The data collection and reporting process took hours, and because of the time factor, Peter couldn’t do it as often as he would like. This resulted in a lack of insight in the overall costs and ROI of his paid marketing channels. In addition, the manual process meant that he was always worried about human errors, and despite double-checking he could never quite trust his data.

He was spending inordinate amounts of time on data collection, and he still didn’t have a timely and trustworthy cross-channel overview.

The Solution

All cost data in Google Analytics. Always up to date.

So Peter turned to Funnel. He used the platform to connect the multitude of advertising platforms to his various Google Analytics properties. 11 Google Analytics properties are now automatically updated with cost, clicks and impressions from over 10 paid advertising platforms each. The costs and transaction data are automatically linked to the right campaign and Peter can log in to one place to see a full ROI overview - any time he wants. In a web call with a Funnel product expert, Peter did the whole Funnel setup in under two hours, the same time it would take him to create his ROI report once with his former manual process.

And adding new platforms is now easy. At the click of a button, any ad platform can be automated and connected to his Google Analytics report.

“With a growing pool of paid media channels, Funnel is providing necessary insights about our marketing investment. Because all the relevant campaign data is automatically exported from multiple marketing channels and imported into our reporting system in the right format, Funnel has become a crucial tool in our organisation.”
“Funnel saves me 8 hours per month.”

Peter Wouters
Web Analytics Marketeer,

YourSurprise's Marketing reporting stack