Power Looker with all your marketing and advertising data

Get Looker dashboards with all the data you need to track and monitor your marketing performance. Feed marketing and advertising data into Looker. Start uploading data in minutes.

Send marketing data into Looker in minutes


Connect your marketing platforms to Funnel with the click of a button.


Transform to LookML

Auto-convert Funnel data schema to LookML.



Store your marketing data using one of Funnel’s many data warehouse integrations


Use in Looker

Visualize your data in Looker


Benefits of using Looker and Funnel


LookML converter

Put your data to work in Looker fast with our LookML converter that automatically converts your data into Looker’s LookML format.


Data ready in minutes

With everything you need ready and neatly packaged in Funnel, you can start getting all of your marketing data into Looker with a click of a button.


Works with any data warehouse

No matter where you need to push your data before getting it into Looker, Funnel has got you covered. Check out our direct data warehouse integrations.


Work faster 

With Funnel you can start feeding data into Looker in minutes. And you can set your exports to run anywhere from once a day to several times a day.