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The all-in-one solution for data collection, transformation and visualization

Automatically combine data from all of your marketing platforms and generate custom branded dashboards and reports in a matter of minutes. Simply point and click your way to better reporting!

Dashboards and Reportse

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Replace your manual spreadsheet with automated marketing dashboards and reports.

Marketing dashboards

Data from all of your
marketing platforms

Funnel currently pulls data from over 500 advertising, marketing and sales platforms. If you can’t find the platform you use, we’ll build it for you!

Marketing dashboards

Tracking data mapped with
advertising data

With Funnel you can choose whether to report on advertising results based on the native pixels of the advertising platforms or based on your tracking data.

Marketing dashboards

marketing dashboards

Up to date marketing dashboards that give insights when things happen, not at the end of the month.

Marketing dashboards

Custom branded
report center

Access all of your advertising reports in one easy to use marketing dashboard. Funnel's layered sharing system allows you to set read-only permissions on individual reports.

Marketing dashboards


Funnel allows you to use your marketing dashboards to compare campaign performance across advertising platforms so you can see what really drives your business.

Marketing dashboards


In Funnel you can structure your advertising accounts and campaigns based on how your business is set up with different views for different initiatives, brands and markets.

Marketing dashboards


Invite your core team to access the full Funnel product and any of your marketing dashboards. Give reporting center access to the extended team and partners.

Marketing dashboards

metrics & dimensions

Create your own fields that can be used both for analysis and reporting in your marketing dashboards. This enables you to set up Funnel so that it reflects what is important for your business.

Marketing dashboards

currency conversion

Funnel automatically converts all your spend data and analytics data to the same currency so that it is easy to compare them and sum them up.

  1. “Help with custom integrations is a unique service that we value tremendously”

    Nathalie Landron
    Head of Marketing,
    Scalable Capital

    “Funnel has visualised our digital KPIs and this has helped us make more effective marketing decisions ever since”

    Thomas van Mastbergen
    Head of Digital Marketing,

    “Thanks to Funnel I know exactly how much I spent yesterday, and what it generated in terms of sales”

    Mikael Stålnacke
    Head of Sales,

How it works

Connect your marketing platforms to Funnel and start creating dashboards and reports in minutes.

Connect all of your
marketing platforms to Funnel

usiness-Ready Data

Create and share custom
dashboards & reports

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Marketing platforms

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms

Other Data Destinations

Already using a BI solution or visualization tool? Let Funnel take care of the data collection and transformation and feed your Business-Ready Data to the tool of your choice.

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Dashboards and Reports

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