Funnel fundamentals

Get a walkthrough of the Funnel platform in just 20 minutes

2- Prep-data

Watch on-demand

Mike and Alexandra from our Customer Success Team in Stockholm take you through Funnel in just 20 minutes. 

This is a great opportunity to learn about the platform if you’re a new Funnel user, or just wanting to brush up on the Funnel basics.

We give you a high-level overview of the platform so that you feel more comfortable with the core features of Funnel. 

What we cover: 

  • Funnel as a Data Core 

  • Navigating Through Funnel 

  • Importing Your Data

  • Exploring Your Data

  • Making Your Data Business-Ready

    • Dimensions

    • Metrics 

    • Currency Conversion 

  • Exporting & Using Your Data