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Data from all advertising platforms

Funnel collects data from all advertising platforms and allows you to export and visualise it in Google Sheets. Funnel connects to more ad platforms than anyone else and will connect to any ad platform you use at no extra cost. Learn more

Say NO to data in siloes

Funnel maps your advertising data by connecting your Google Analytics data with your ad platform data. You can also create smart mapping rules and group your data by market, traffic source, product or any other way you want.

Automatic uploads to Google Sheets

Funnel allows you to schedule an automatic upload to Google Sheets. This way your data is always up-to-date and you can focus on analysing the data instead of doing manual uploads. Naturally, you also have the possibility to do manual uploads whenever you want and as many times you want.

Visualise your data in Google Data Studio

With Funnel Google Sheets Uploader you have the option to send all your advertising data to Google Data Studio and visualise your data any way you like.

It’s easy

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