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Our mission

We want to democratize data. Data is critical for companies to win today, and it shouldn’t be something only a few have access to or know how to work with. We at Funnel want to enable a truly data-driven company culture. And we believe that we can do this by empowering marketers and, over time, all business users to work confidently with their data.


The year Funnel was born


Companies use Funnel to be data-driven


Funnelers in Stockholm, Sweden, and Boston, USA

Our leadership team

Fredrik Skantze - CEO and Co-Founder (1)

Fredrik Skantze, CEO and Co-founder 


Per Made - Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder (1) (1)

Per Made, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder

Per Mellqvist - CTO (1)

Per Mellqvist, Chief Technology Officer

Sven Hamberg - Chief Product Officer (1)

Sven Hamberg, Chief Product Officer


Our logo

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Dos and Don'ts for using our logo

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How to contact us

For all press/media-related queries, please contact press@funnel.io.

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