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Funnel is transforming digital marketing, putting Business-Ready Data at the fingertips of marketers so they always know with certainty what is truly driving performance.

Funnel’s Data Core, with its contextual data model, takes messy, siloed data from all marketing platforms to automatically generate Business-Ready Data that is fully harmonized, up-to-date and always ready to act upon. Funnel doesn’t require any coding or manual maintenance, giving marketers point-and-click control to continuously experiment with new data sources, business logic and tactics without ever breaking the data model. For the first time, marketers can operate at speed without waiting on IT or business analysts to access the data they need – and technical teams are now freed from tedious data collection and manipulation tasks to focus on higher-value activities.

Digital leaders around the world – Home Depot, Havas Media, Samsung and hundreds of others – rely on Funnel as the essential foundation for digital marketing, enabling growth while optimizing the impact of every digital marketing investment.

Funnel was founded in 2014 by Fredrik Skantze and Per Made. The company now has over 140 employees with offices in Stockholm, Sweden (head office) and Boston, USA.


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