Auto-tagger for Facebook ads

For Google Analytics to correctly categorize traffic from ads, the ads’ destination URLs must be tagged with UTM tags. Doing this manually can be a headache and often comes with small mistakes that messes up the data in Google Analytics. For AdWords and Bing this can be handled automatically by the respective ad platforms, but for most other platforms it must be handled manually.

For Facebook this ends today with the release of Funnel’s auto-tagger for Facebook ads. Once enabled the auto-tagger makes sure that your ads have the following UTM tags:

utm_source = facebook
utm_medium = cpc
utm_campaign = {CAMPAIGN_NAME}

It automatically checks for newly published ads too, and adds the UTM tags to them. Should your ads already have some tags Funnel won’t touch them. The only exception is if your ads have any of the tags mentioned above that don’t follow Funnel’s convention, for example utm_source=fb. In that case Funnel will overwrite and put utm_source=facebook instead.

To enable it, go to Ad platforms and hit "Configure auto-tagging" for the ad account where you want the ads to be automatically tagged. You’ll be asked to grant Funnel permission to manage ads, which it needs in order to update the url tags.

Funnel auto-tagging