Awin - update to transaction metrics

October 8, 2020
1 minute read
To make it easier to understand and work with Awin's transaction metrics we're introducing a new set of rule-based metrics (based on the Commission Status dimension) and renaming the two metrics Transaction amount (Validation Date) and Transaction commission (Validation Date).
New rule-based metrics:
  • Approved transaction amount
  • Pending transaction amount
  • Declined transaction amount
  • Approved transaction commission
  • Pending transaction commission
  • Declined transaction commission
 Name changes:
  • Transaction amount (Validation Date) --> Transaction Amount
  • Transaction commission (Validation Date) --> Transaction Commission

These changes, including the addition of new metrics, are applied to all existing Awin data sources. To find out more about our Awin connector, check out the What data can I get from Awin? and the Awin - troubleshooting knowledge base articles.

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