Facebook Ads - Connector update

Last updated: 2/26/20 4:01 PM
1 minute read

We've just streamlined the Facebook Ads connection process in Funnel and we've also added several new fields.

When creating a new Facebook Ads connection, It's now easier than ever to select additional metrics and dimensions, by selecting "field groups" instead of individual fields:

You can learn more about the data which is contained in each field group in this article.

Here's a list of new fields broken down by aggregation type and field group:

Regular & Non-aggregatable:
"Ad relevance diagnostics"
- Ad Conversion Rate Ranking
- Ad Engagement Rate Ranking
- Ad Quality Ranking

"Actions and conversions"
- Post Saves
- New Messaging Connections
- Blocked Messaging Connections
- Messaging Replies
- 100% In-View Impressions

- Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People)
- Estimated Ad Recall Lift Rate
- Cost per Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People)
"Actions and conversions"
- 100% In-View Reach

We hope that you find this update useful! If you have any questions please contact and we'll be happy to help.

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