Google Data Studio Connector - New feature

Last updated Aug 31 2020 1 minute read

It's now possible to use formula metrics in Data Studio Views.

When you using Funnel's Google Data Studio connector, we recommended connecting to a View. Using a View will let you select which fields to expose in Google Data Studio and gives you the ability to apply filters. This will improve the performance of your dashboards.

Before, you could only use metrics that were rule-based . Now you can also use formula metrics. When you choose a formula metric, the underlying metrics that the formula is based on will automatically be included. 

For example, the 'CPC' metric a is based on 'Cost' and 'Clicks'...

Skärmavbild 2020-08-31 kl. 11.53.44... both 'Cost' and 'Clicks' will be included in your View. This is needed because the calculation happens "post-aggregation" and therefore needs to be done in Google Data Studio.

To read more about the difference  between formula and rule-based metrics see: Can Funnel export custom metrics to data studio?

If you have any questions around this, please reach out to or the in-app chat. 

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