Idealo - New metrics

Last updated Dec 1 2020 1 minute read

We have just added six new metrics to our Idealo connector and also renamed three Order metrics. This was done in order to make it easier replicate order values as seen in the Idealo interface. 

New metrics added:

• Revoked Orders

• Revoked Order Value

• Revoked Order Value (shipping included)

• Processing Orders

• Processing Order Value

• Processing Order Value (shipping included)

Metrics renamed:

Previous: Orders changed New: Completed Orders

Previous: Order Value New: Completed Order Value

Previous: Order Value (shipping included) New: Completed Order Value (shipping included)

To get historical data for these new fields, please get in touch with and we'll help out. 

To find out more about Idealo please see the article What data can I get from Idealo?

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