Mntn - New report type

Last updated Jul 11 2022 1 minute read

We've just added an additional report type to our Steelhouse connection. You can now connect your account to Funnel on the Campaign Group level!

To access this new report, all you need to do is create a new Steelhouse connection and ensure that the "Campaign Group" report is selected, under API version two:

Here's the list of fields which are included in this report: 


[Dimension] Campaign
[Dimension] Campaign Group Description
[Dimension] Campaign Group End Time
[Dimension] Campaign Group ID
[Dimension] Campaign Group Name
[Dimension] Campaign Group Start Time
[Dimension] Channel Name


[Metric] Assisted Order Value
[Metric] Average Order Value
[Metric] Completed Views
[Metric] Conversions
[Metric] Cost
[Metric] Impressions
[Metric] Order Value
[Metric] Reached users
[Metric] Total Order Value
[Metric] Verified visit conversions
[Metric] Verified visits
[Metric] Viewable Impressions

You can learn more about the data you can obtain from Steelhouse in this article.

We hope that you find this new report useful! If you have any questions please contact and we'll be happy to help.
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