Monthly Update Summary - June 2020

Last updated: 1/14/21 12:17 PM
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Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Funnel during June!

You can learn more about each update by clicking on the titles and links throughout the article.

New Features

Data Warehouse Exports - New destination

If you're using our Data Warehouse Export feature, you now have the option to send your Funnel data directly to Snowflake!

Included accounts - New premium feature

​Funnel now has a new feature which enables Funnel accounts to utilise data from Data Sources in other accounts! This new feature can be a great way to create roll-up accounts, such as an overview of your markets or clients for internal reporting.

Smaller, but just as exciting updates:

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage - New feature (Static IP)
Funnel navigation update
Metrics & Dimensions - New rule operators
New styling for Data Sources list
Snowflake - Support for new region (AWS EU Central 1)
Google Sheets Export - New feature (Additional date ranges)
Snowflake - Updated Share Name Structure
New rules for default custom dimensions
New custom dimension template (Country code)

New Connectors

​If you're using Basis for programmatic advertising and/or Magento as your eCommerce platform, you can now connect your accounts and utilise the data in Funnel! We've also released 3 new Salesforce connectors and an additional HubSpot source.


Connector updates

June 1st:
Steelhouse - New report types (Creative & Creative Group, API v2)
DoubleClick Search (Search Ads 360) - New field (Effective keyword max CPC)

June 3rd:
Snapchat - New fields (Insights dimensions)

June 4th:
HubSpot Deals - New fields (Pipeline Name and Deal Stage Name)
AdWords (Google Ads) - Connector update (Google Ads Beta API)

June 5th:
Steelhouse - Connector update (API update)
AdWords (Google Ads) - New field (Hour of day)
Mailchimp - New field (Unique Subscriber Clicks)

June 8th:
Partnerize - New field (Campaign Name for Click report)
LinkedIn - New fields (Spotlight ad fields)

June 9th:
Twitter - New field (Post Type for Promoted Tweet report)
Adjust - Reconfigure sources
Yahoo Japan Search - Connector update (API update)

June 11th:
Shopify - New field (Customer Order Index)

June 12th:
Facebook Ads - New breakdowns (Dynamic Creative Asset fields)

June 15th:
AdWords (Google Ads) - New field (Hour of Day for API Beta)

June 17th:
Twitter - New field (Advertiser Account ID)

June 18th:
MediaMath - New fields (Deal Name and Deal ID)

June 23rd:
Adform - New fields (Conversions (Specs) Orders & No Repeats)
Salesforce - Connector update (Filter fields during connection)

June 26th:
Magento - New fields (Grand Total, Base Grand Total and Discount Amount)

June 29th:
AppsFlyer - New field (http-referrer)
Adjust - New report type (Cohort report)
Facebook Ads - New fields (Creative Video ID & Picture URL)

June 30th:
AdWords (Google Ads) - New field (Device for Beta API)
Apple Search Ads - New fields (Lat off/on installs, New downloads, Redownloads)

We hope that you've found these update useful! If you have any questions or if you would like some more information, please reach out and we'll be happy to help :)

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