Monthly Update Summary - March 2020

Last updated Jan 14 2021 2 minute read

Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Funnel during March!

You can learn more about each update by clicking on the titles and links throughout the article.

New Features

Funnel Profile Creation - New fields

When creating a new Funnel profile or inviting a new user, you can now enter your role and department.​We hope to utilise this information in the future to create tailored content around specific types of Funnel users, and user permissions/management. If you haven't already, you can add your details by heading to the 'My profile' section under your username in the top right-hand corner of Funnel.

New custom dimension templates

On March 19th, we added three additional dimension templates to Funnel. You can now use our default rules to automatically generate Ad, Ad Group, and Keyword dimensions.

You can learn more about each dimension and how they are defined, in this article.

Smaller but just as exciting updates:

March 16 - New default landing page
March 17 - Copying fields - Account search bar added
March 18 - Supported browsers - New documentation

New Connectors

​If you're using HubSpot or Salesforce as your CRM system, you can now connect your account(s) and utilise the data in Funnel. Depending on your use case, these new connectors can help you import your sales pipeline to Funnel and combine it with your advertising and tracking data, before using it wherever like!

We also built a Google My Business connector which can be used to sync the data from your company's Google listing to Funnel.

If you're interested in using these connectors, please contact your Funnel representative (or reply to this email) to get started.

Connector updates

March 2nd:
Prisjagt - New connector
Facebook pages - New fields (8 dimensions & 3 metrics)

March 3rd:

Adrecord - Connector update (new reports & fields)

March 4th:
Simplifi - New report types (Location Performance, Device Type)

March 5th:
Eyereturn - New fields (Language)
Snapchat - New report types (Campaign, Ad group)
Facebook Ads - New fields (Device Platform, Time of Day)

March 6th:
Google Analytics - New fields (Source/Medium, Client ID, Minute)
Google Ads - New fields (Customer ID)

March 11th: - New fields (Shop name, ID)

March 12th:
MediaMath - New report type (Part of the day)

March 18th:
LinkedIn - New fields (Sponsored Content ID, Video ID)
Search Ads 360 - New fields (Effective Bid Strategy, ID)
Sizmek Advertising Suite - New fields (Conversion metrics)
Marktplaats - New fields (External Ad ID, Ad ID
Twitter Organic - New fields (Post thumbnail URL, Post URL, Type)

March 19th:
LinkedIn - New report type (Country Demographics)
Google Ads - New field (Days to Conversion)

March 20th:
Facebook Ads - New breakdown (Carousel Card)

March 26th:
Google Analytics - Segments update
Google Ads - New report type (Search Query)

March 31st:
Google Ads - Reconfigure Sources

We hope that you've found these update useful! If you have any questions or if you would like some more information, please reach out and we'll be happy to help :)

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