DerbySoft - New fields

February 7, 2019
1 minute read

Our DerbySoft connector has just been updated! You now connect a master account which contains all of your brands.

Instead of picking a single brand when connecting and creating multiple connections, you can now connect your master account.

Here's a list of fields currently supported by this data source:


[Dimension] Brand - New
[Dimension] Channel
[Dimension] Device
[Dimension] Hotel Code
[Dimension] Hotel Name
[Dimension] Site


[Metric] Clicks
[Metric] Cost
[Metric] Eligible Impressions
[Metric] Impressions
[Metric] ROAS
[Metric] Revenue
[Metric] rooms
[Metric] rooms night

We hope that you'll find this new field useful! If you're unable to find your desired field in the list above, please contact