Normalization of whitespaces

July 11, 2017
1 minute read

This changes how Funnel treats all whitespaces in data collected from the various data sources. We’re introducing normalization of whitespaces, meaning that all combinations of one or more whitespace characters (spaces, non-breaking spaces, new line etc) will be treated as one space.

If you’re using Google Analytics you might already be familiar with this behavior as this is how Google Analytics treats incoming data.

For example, an AdWords campaign name:


with double spaces between "My" and "AdWords", would appear in Google Analytics as


with the double spaces treated as a single space.

In Funnel this has effects on mapping data from different sources. For example, a Facebook campaign with a line break in its name would show up in Google Analytics with the line break treated as a space. Prior to this update, the GA Campaign value in Funnel would not have the line break, while the Facebook ad campaign name would. To combine the Google Analytics data with the Facebook data for this campaign you would therefore need to teach Funnel that they are the same by creating an exception rule to your campaign mapping.

With this update they would both be normalized so that the GA Campaign value would be identical to the Facebook ad campaign value, and the problem would therefore not exist. Hooray!