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Quora - New fields

Written by Ross Barrett, Product Marketing Manager at Funnel
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We've just added an additional connection level to our Quora connector! This new level will enable you to report on an ad, and ad set level in Funnel.

When creating a new connection, simply grant Funnel access to your Quora account and select "Ad" as the connection level:

Here's a list of fields currently supported by this connector:

[Dimension] Ad ID - Ad level connection
[Dimension] Ad Landing URL - Ad level connection
[Dimension] Ad Name - Ad level connection
[Dimension] Ad Set ID - Ad level connection
[Dimension] Ad Set Name - Ad level connection
[Dimension] Campaign Name
[Dimension] Conversion Type

[Metric] Add Payment Info Conversion
[Metric] Add To Wishlist Conversion
[Metric] All Conversions
[Metric] App Install Conversion
[Metric] Clicks
[Metric] Complete Registration
[Metric] Conversion
[Metric] Conversion Value
[Metric] Generate Lead Conversion
[Metric] Generic Conversion
[Metric] Impressions
[Metric] Initiate Checkout Conversion
[Metric] Purchase Conversion
[Metric] Search Conversion
[Metric] Spent

We hope that you find this connection level useful. If you have any questions or if you're missing a field from the list above, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

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