Transform connection values

This feature is very much related to our previous product update: Use connection data as dimension values.

When using values from your connections’ native dimensions for assigning Funnel Dimension values, there can sometimes be useful to transform these slightly.

Say you’re creating the Campaign dimension used as an example in the previous product update, and that you have all your Google Analytics data in lower case. Let’s also assume that your ad account data comes in mixed case.

Taking the values for Ad campaign name and GA campaign and assigning these as values for your new Campaign dimension in Funnel will unfortunately not work very well. This since you’ll have no dimension values with data from both your ad accounts and Google Analytics, due to the Ad campaign name not matching the GA campaign as they are in different cases.

Ad campaign GA campaign not matching

This can now be solved, since Funnel lets you transform the values. You can, for instance, choose the option "Capitalize first", which takes the value from the connection and sets the first character to upper case and all following characters to lower case.

Capitalize first ad campaign name

Capitalize first GA campaign

Applying this setting will make sure the Ad campaign name value and the GA campaign value are equal, as they now not only share the same text but also have the same case.

Ad campaign GA campaign now matching