TubeMogul - Connector update

August 27, 2019
1 minute read

Adobe Advertising Cloud is now replacing our TubeMogul data source in Funnel.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 16.24.29

If you're still using the TubeMogul connector, please create a new Adobe Advertising Cloud data source to continue fetching data.

Here's a list of dimensions and metrics currently supported by our Adobe Advertising Cloud connector:


[Dimension] Ad ID
[Dimension] Ad name
[Dimension] Campaign ID
[Dimension] Campaign name
[Dimension] Package ID
[Dimension] Package name
[Dimension] Placement ID
[Dimension] Placement name
[Metric] 100% Completions
[Metric] 100% Completions
[Metric] 100% Viewable Completion
[Metric] 25% Completions
[Metric] 25% Completions
[Metric] 25% Viewable Completion
[Metric] 50% Completions
[Metric] 50% Completions
[Metric] 50% Viewable Completion
[Metric] 75% Completions
[Metric] 75% Completions
[Metric] 75% Viewable Completion
[Metric] Actions
[Metric] Banner and overlay clicks
[Metric] Billable data spend
[Metric] Billable media spend
[Metric] Billable other spend
[Metric] Billable total spend
[Metric] CPA
[Metric] CPC
[Metric] CPCV
[Metric] CPM
[Metric] CPV
[Metric] CTR
[Metric] Click conversions
[Metric] Click per view rate
[Metric] Companion CTR
[Metric] Companion clicks
[Metric] Companion impressions
[Metric] Engagements
[Metric] Facebook fan page clicks
[Metric] Facebook page likes
[Metric] Facebook post comments
[Metric] Facebook post likes
[Metric] Facebook post shares
[Metric] Facebook shares
[Metric] Impression conversions
[Metric] Impressions
[Metric] Measurable impressions
[Metric] Non-billable data spend
[Metric] Non-billable media spend
[Metric] Non-billable other spend
[Metric] Non-billable total spend
[Metric] Not-viewable impressions
[Metric] Play rate
[Metric] Playtime per view
[Metric] Survey Completions
[Metric] Survey starts
[Metric] Total ad clicks
[Metric] Total conversions
[Metric] Total data spend
[Metric] Total media CPM
[Metric] Total media spend
[Metric] Total net spend
[Metric] Total other CPM
[Metric] Total other spend
[Metric] Twitter shares
[Metric] Unmeasurable iframe
[Metric] Unmeasurable impressions
[Metric] Unmeasurable other
[Metric] View conversions
[Metric] Viewable impressions
[Metric] Viewable views
[Metric] Viewed minutes
[Metric] Views
[Metric] vCPM

We hope that you find this new data source useful. If you have any questions, please contact and we'll be happy to help.