Twitter - New fields

November 18, 2019
1 minute read

We've just added some additional fields to our Twitter connection in Funnel. You now have access to Mobile Conversion metrics!

Here's a list of the new metrics that we've added:

Achievements Unlocked Assisted
Achievements Unlocked Order Quantity
Achievements Unlocked Post Engagement
Achievements Unlocked Post View
Achievements Unlocked Sale Amount
Add To Carts Assisted
Add To Carts Order Quantity
Add To Carts Post Engagement
Add To Carts Post View
Add To Carts Sale Amount
Levels Achieved Assisted
Levels Achieved Order Quantity
Levels Achieved Post Engagement
Levels Achieved Post View
Levels Achieved Sale Amount

Please note that no action is required to see data for these metrics going forward. If you would like to see historic data for these metrics, please contact us via support.

These metrics can be found in the Data Explorer under the "Mobile Conversions" drop-down menu. You can find the full list of supported Twitter fields in this article.

We hope you find these new metrics useful! If you're unable to find the field you need, please contact and we'll be happy to help!