Twitter - Video MRC Views metric deprecated

Last updated Jan 4 2021 1 minute read

The old metric Video MRC Views has been deprecated and the new field Video Total Views should be used instead. This applies both for the Twitter and Twitter Organic connector. 

This change was triggered as we are upgrading our Twitter connector to use the ads API version 8. The Video Total Views field is available as of 30th of December and will include all historical values that Video MRC Views have. The Video MRC Views is now striked through in Funnel and will no longer receive new data. 

If you have exports where the old metric is included, then you need to add the new one and probably remove the old. If you have any questions at all around this, please get in touch through and we're happy to help!

You can also read more about our Twitter connector in the article What data can I get from Twitter?


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