Yelp - Connector Update

June 4, 2019
1 minute read

We've recently released a new Yelp connector in Funnel. This new connector includes several features including new metrics, location-level data, increased stability and more!

In order to use the new connector, you will have to reach out to your Yelp representative and ask for Reporting API credentials. If you do not have a rep to contact, you can send an email to

Once you have your credentials, all you need to do is create a new Yelp source and connect using these details. Existing Yelp sources using the old integration, will stop downloading data on June 18th. Please ensure that you've connected Yelp using the new data source before then.

For a more detailed overview on how to connect new Yelp sources, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Please note that the new connector can only import data with a 60-day look back window. If you wish to retain your historical data, you are advised to not reconnect/remove old Yelp sources.

Here's a list of fields that are currently supported by the new connector:


[Dimension] Business Alias - New
[Dimension] Business ID - New
[Dimension] Business Name - New
[Dimension] City - New
[Dimension] Country - New
[Dimension] Program ID - New
[Dimension] State - New
[Dimension] ZIP Code - New


[Metric] Ad Cost (previously named `spend`)
[Metric] Billed Ad Clicks (previously named `clicks`)
[Metric] Billed Ad Impressions (previously named `impressions`)
[Metric] Ad Driven Calls - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Clicks to Website - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Deals Sold - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Directions and Map Views - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Messages To Business - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Mobile Check-Ins - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Online Reservations - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Total Call to Action Clicks - New
[Metric] Ad Driven User Uploaded Photos - New
[Metric] Ad Driven Yelp Bookmarks - New
[Metric] Calls Tracked - New
[Metric] Check-Ins - New
[Metric] Clicks to Website - New
[Metric] Deals Sold - New
[Metric] Desktop Appearances in Search - New
[Metric] Desktop Call to Action Clicks - New
[Metric] Desktop Page Views - New
[Metric] Directions and Map Views - New
[Metric] Messages to Business - New
[Metric] Mobile Appearances in Search - New
[Metric] Mobile Call to Action Clicks - New
[Metric] Mobile Calls - New
[Metric] Mobile Page Views - New
[Metric] Number of User Uploaded Photos - New
[Metric] Online Bookings - New
[Metric] Online Orders - New
[Metric] Total Page Views - New
[Metric] Yelp Bookmark - New

We hope that you find this new connector useful. If you have any questions please contact and we'll be happy to help.