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Data-driven Attribution

How to Utilise Funnel & Adtriba to Create a Powerful Solutio

Adtriba’s co-founder and CEO, János Moldvay takes you through why multi-channel attribution that is fuelled by the right kind of data can help you make the best decisions for your business and marketing budget. We also do a quick dive into how the two solutions work together to provide the most holistic view of your marketing data.

What you’ll learn,

  • What exactly is data-driven multi-channel attribution?
  • Why you should be doing multi-channel attribution & how Adtriba does it
  • What is Funnel?
  • Why Adtriba & Funnel together

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About the speakers

János Moldvay

Co-founder & CEO, Adtriba

After graduating in computer science and business administration in 2003, János worked in data analytics and data mining at Otto. Afterwards he successfully built and managed data science teams in different companies (Xing, Syzygy, Jimdo).

János has been working on AI-based attribution modeling since 2011 and founded Adtriba at the end of 2015.