Webinars Performance Marketing is Broken On-demand

Performance Marketing is Broken

Booster Box Provides You With the Blueprint to Fix It

Gianluca Binelli, founder of Booster Box, walks through several ways the digital marketing space is changing and ways to adjust your strategy. He also digs into how they are working to help their clients adjust and continue with successful marketing campaigns.

We cover,

  • Third-party cookie restrictions
  • Machine learning
  • The move away from keywords to audiences
  • How Booster Box is helping their clients address these changes

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About the speakers

Gianluca Binelli

Founder & Managing Director,
Booster Box

Gianluca is the founder of Booster Box, a performance agency specialized in scientific marketing. Prior to Booster Box Gianluca was at Google for 6 years working on different teams within AdWords.