How to Solve the 5 Biggest E-commerce Reporting Challenges


Please join us on Wednesday, November 25th at 16:30 CET (10:30 ET), to learn how to solve the 5 biggest e-commerce reporting challenges with Funnel. We understand that everyone has busy schedules and can't always attend hour-long webinars, so we're going to do the whole thing in under 15 minutes!

During the session, we’ll explore the problems that the majority of marketers face, before jumping into Funnel to provide a step by step overview of our solution. We’ll also take a look at a fully automated dashboard which doesn’t require technical assistance to create and manage.


Title: How to Solve the 5 Biggest E-commerce Reporting Challenges
Date: November 25th
Time: 16:30 CET (10:30 ET)
Duration: ≤15 minutes


  • E-Commerce Problem Overview
  • An Introduction to Funnel
  • Funnel Demo
  • Example Dashboard

If you can’t wait until the webinar, you can learn more about how Funnel works with E-commerce companies, here.



Ross Barrett

Product Marketing Manager, Funnel

Ross has been working at Funnel for over 5 years! During this time, he’s contributed to all aspects of the company and has accumulated a vast amount of product knowledge. He’s part of the Funnel furniture at this point.