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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting a demo? dropdown

First, we tailor the entire experience to you. From a custom demonstration to a free trial that uses your own data so that you can hit the ground running, we want to make the entire process is all about you and your needs. Plus, we don’t do “hard sales.” Instead, think of us as a team of trusted advisors who want to help you make the best decision. If we’re a match, great! But if not, that’s ok, too.

Can I get a free trial? What happens next? dropdown

First, you will hear from our sales development team who will discuss your business’s use case. These experts will help you determine if Funnel is truly valuable for your needs. If so, we’ll then walk you through a customized demo of the product. After that, we’ll set you up with a free trial so that you can start experimenting with Funnel while using your own data. It’s almost like the usual SaaS process, except we want to make sure that we are both a perfect fit for each other.

Is Funnel the right tool for me? dropdown

It all depends on your current process (and your goals) for creating and maintaining dashboards that report on your marketing activities. For instance, are you currently assembling everything manually, but you’re looking to automate the process? We can definitely help. To make sure, book a demo so that one of our experts can discuss your goals in more detail.

What pricing and plan is best for me? dropdown

In our pricing page, we outline a few different pricing plan options. The best plan will come down to your specific needs. We walk through all of these details with you in our demo, so that we can learn about the number of connections and accounts you require. Then, we will recommend a fixed and tailored pricing plan for your business.

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