Build an agency reporting stack to automate client reporting

Increase your agencies efficiency and thus revenue by building a marketing reporting stack. Get happier customers and employees as a side product.


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Used by data-driven agencies worldwide

Build a marketing reporting stack that suits your agency’s needs and size


Standard marketing reporting stack

The 2 layered marketing reporting stack is perfect for agencies looking for a simple cost effective client reporting solution. Just simply let Funnel fetch data from all your marketing platforms, map and clean the data and feed it directly to your choice of visualization tool e.g. Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.


Advanced marketing reporting stack

The 3 layered marketing reporting stack allows agencies to do client reporting in any tool their clients prefer or the agency is already using. Many data-driven agencies use business intelligence tools for client reporting. In order to power your business intelligence tool you first need a data import platform to fetch data from all the platforms you are using. Once the data is collected, you can either map and clean the data in Funnel or feed it raw to your data warehouse software which is connected to your data visualization layer.

“Funnel has the most complete library of advertising platforms I have ever seen.”

Jonathan Romero, Head of Analytics

“We looked at doing this as an internal project, but realised that we"d be spending unsustainable amounts of developer time on building and maintaining what would essentially still be an inferior product to Funnel”

James Freeman, Software Developer

Benefits of having an agency client reporting stack

Automated client reporting

Easy analysis of client performance

Rollup and tracking of all your clients in one place

Easily prove ROI of your marketing activities to your clients

Happier staff and increased staff retention from minimizing manual processes

Scalable, robust and cost efficient agency operations

Build trust with data transparency

Data from all your clients marketing platforms in one place

Easily communicate and display the value of your work in any tool your agency or client is using

Feed your data anywhere you want


Integrations to all marketing and advertising platforms

Funnel collects marketing and advertising data from every platform you use. Funnel integrates with 405 data sources out-of-the-box.

Automatic data mapping

Funnel automatically connects your advertising cost with your Google Analytics conversions and hence allows you to report ROI. With Funnel you have the possibility to group your data any way you want.

Visualize your data anywhere

Funnel gives you the freedom to visualize your data anywhere you want. Use Funnel’s dashboards & reports to easily create beautiful dashboards to share with your clients or create your own marketing report in, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Data Studio or any other system.

White label marketing reports

Present the fantastic work you’ve done in a beautiful white label report. Our reports are fully customizable and you even have the option create a white label reporting center with your own url.

Multi-user support

Invite your team to the clients that they need access to. Clients can only access their data through the report center.

Custom metrics

Create your own custom metrics that can be used both for analysis and reporting. This enables you to set up Funnel so that it reflects what is important for your business.

Currency conversion

Funnel automatically converts all your spend data and analytics data to the same currency so that it is easy to compare them and sum them up.