Automated client reporting for agencies

  • Save time and reduce manual work
  • Impress clients with beautiful reports
  • Get insights when they happen, not at the end of the month

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Create custom dashboards easily


White-label report center

Easy to use interface for clients to access their reports. Features your brand, not ours.

Real-time dashboards

Up to date dashboards to allow both the team and clients to get insights when things happen, not at the end of the month.

Data from all your advertising platforms

Funnel currently uploads data for more than 70 advertising platforms. If you need support for other ad platforms we will add them without extra charge.

GA data mapped to advertising data

With Funnel you can choose whether to report on advertising results based on the native pixels of the advertising platforms or based on Google Analytics data.


In Funnel you can structure your advertising accounts based on how your business is set up with different views for different clients, brands and markets.

Multi-user support

Invite your team to the clients that they need access to. Clients can only access their data through the report center.

Custom metrics

Create your own custom metrics that can be used both for analysis and reporting. This enables you to set up Funnel so that it reflects what is important for your business.

Currency conversion

Funnel automatically converts all your spend data and analytics data to the same currency so that it is easy to compare them and sum them up.

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