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Automate client reporting

We understand that every hour for an agency is valuable. We also know that many agencies spend multiple hours on a weekly basis on client reporting. Funnel automates this process by integrating with all advertising channels and thus cutting down reporting time from hours to seconds.

Prove ROI of your marketing activities to your clients

Effectively demonstrating ROI from the activities you deliver to your clients can be hard. Luckily, Funnel makes it easy by automatically mapping your advertising data with conversion data and thus showing ROI for every activity you deliver for your clients.

Less manual work = happier employees

No one likes manual labor. Especially reporting and data entry are among the least liked tasks among all marketers. By automating both data gathering and marketing reporting your employees can spend their time on value adding activities instead. This will save your agency money and you’ll have happier employees.

  1. ”Within an hour of signing up for Funnel, we automated weekly reporting for all 40 of our clients.”

    Michael Taylor
    Co-founder & COO, Ladder

    "Awesome tool that saves me countless hours monthly in client reporting."

    Pierre Lechelle
    Founder, Startup Friendly

  2. "Funnel saves us multiple hours a week and has allowed us to focus on things that create value for our clients rather than spending time on manual tasks such as data gathering and reporting."

    Fredrik Westling
    Digital Advisor, Keybroker

    ”Within an hour of signing up for Funnel, we automated weekly reporting for all 40 of our clients.”

    Michael Taylor
    Co-founder & COO, Ladder


Integrations to all advertising platforms

Funnel collects advertising data from every paid media source you use. Funnel integrates to 265 advertising platforms out-of-the-box and will add any other ad platform you want, at no additional cost.

Automatic data mapping

Funnel automatically connects your advertising cost with your Google Analytics conversions and hence allows you to report ROI. With Funnel you have the possibility to group your data any way you want.

Visualize your data anywhere

Funnel gives you the freedom to visualize your data anywhere you want. Use Funnel’s dashboards & reports to easily create beautiful dashboards to share with your clients or create your own marketing report in, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Data Studio or any other system.

White label marketing reports

Present the fantastic work you’ve done in a beautiful white label report. Our reports are fully customizable and you even have the option create a white label reporting center with your own url.

Custom metrics

Create your own custom metrics that can be used both for analysis and reporting. This enables you to set up Funnel so that it reflects what is important for your business.

Currency conversion

Funnel automatically converts all your spend data and analytics data to the same currency so that it is easy to compare them and sum them up.

Multi-user support

Invite your team to the clients that they need access to. Clients can only access their data through the report center.