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Enterprise/Agency Professional Business Standard
Automated Data Ingestion
Access to all plug and play connectors All Advertising data sources included. Per source pricing applies to Marketing and Sales data sources.
Full data granularity
Contextual connector layer
With its unique, contextual data model, Funnel understands the data for each platform and how it all should be handled/mapped, ensuring all of the data makes sense from the very beginning.
Automatic quota management
We ensure not to overwhelm the API quotas from your marketing data sources by automatically optimizing data downloads that can run uninterrupted.
Self-healing data connectors
Funnel is built with the assumption that your data sources will occasionally run into issues that are out of our control. Our connectors continuously retry the API calls to let the problem self-heal, keeping data quotas in mind.
Data stabilization
In order to ensure Funnel is delivering the correct data, each connector has its own lookback window to constantly redownload data for the time period where data is known to be unstable (eg. the cost for each day might not be final until several days later in the platform).
Scheduled data imports from Google Sheets
Historical data retention
Funnel makes sure that historical data is preserved for connected data sources as time progresses. For some platforms where the collection of historical data is limited, this means that Funnel is able to extend the historical reach of your reporting.
Custom data export frequency
Custom data export frequency enables you to export your data more frequently to your data destinations.
Data requests / Data Guarantee
If you’re unable to find the field, marketing platform or data source that you require data from, it’s easy to request a new platform by utilizing our specialist development team.
Unlimited data sources
Business-Ready Data Generation
Automatic currency conversion
Funnel automatically detects each currency you’re advertising in from the connected platforms and creates and maintains the conversion rates for you. This can also be managed manually if desired. Learn more.
Automatic metric normalization
Since Funnel’s connectors understand the data they’re collecting, metrics can be normalized out-of-the-box. A common example is cost fields which names differ from platform to platform. Funnel creates a single field containing the data from each platform in a transparent and customizable way.
Automatic cross-platform segmentation & mapping
Funnel supplies common segmentations which ties data across multiple platforms together. These are fully transparent so the user can see and understand how the segmentation works, as well as override it with their own business logic.
Custom metrics
Create your own metrics within Funnel such as adjusted cost with added fees. No coding knowledge is necessary for our point-and-click interface. Learn more.
Custom dimensions
Create your own dimensions within Funnel such as market, product line or marketing tactic. No coding knowledge is necessary for our point-and-click interface. Learn more.
Maximum granularity output
When applying data transformation, Funnel maintains the integrity of the raw data. This means that you can build your own logic on top while retaining the original data set from the marketing platforms.
Instant transformation of full data history
Funnel automatically updates your historical data as you define and update your business logic.
Data Explorer
Explore your data in Funnel and conduct ad hoc analysis prior to exporting to your desired destination.
Data Destinations
Automated staging for multiple destinations
Different people within your organization will prefer/need to work in different tools. Funnel hosts both the data and the business logic, enabling each user to automatically surface the data they need in their tool of choice.
Add-on destinations One destination included (per destination pricing for additional ones)
Data Warehouse destinations BigQuery - Snowflake - Azure Blob Storage - Amazon S3 - SFTP - Google Cloud Storage
Business intelligence & visualisation destinations Tableau - Looker - Google Data Studio - Google Sheets - Google Analytics
Support, Onboarding, Training & Services
Email and in-app support
Access to knowledge base
Free onboarding
Bespoke onboarding and training
Dedicated success team
Professional services (optional)
Standard Terms & Conditions
Enterprise SLA

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    Nordic Choice Hotels

    “Funnel is a mind-blowing product with amazing features, great dashboards and beautiful integration with Google Analytics.”

    Viktor Sundberg
    Online Marketing Manager,

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. We want to make sure you’ll get a flying start and therefore we always include a managed onboarding before you start your free trial.

Can I use multiple destinations and non-advertising data sources?

Yes. Funnel allows you to collect any kind of data from any data source and send it to as many data destinations as you like. Contact us for detailed pricing.

Do you have pricing for agencies?

Yes we do. Contact us for a detailed offer.

Our monthly spend is over •••, what is our price?

We offer pricing that scales as your business grows. Contact us below for a detailed offer.