Find the leaks in your marketing budget

Use Funnel's unique AI model that fuses marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, and incrementality testing to reveal what truly drives your marketing success.


Trusted by 2200+ of the world's most data-driven companies

Triangulation that strikes a chord

By integrating marketing mix modeling (MMM), attribution, and incrementality testing, Funnel delivers robust, cross-validated insights. It minimizes biases, reduces over-reliance on any single methodology, and provides a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts.


Measurement that moves your marketing

The only measurement solution that with an integrated Data Hub, making it easy to work with the highest quality data.

Modeled for a nuanced world

Complex interactions requires a sophisticated model. Funnel uniquely captures seasonality effects that vary over time.

Always on, always updated

Don't make business decisions off outdated input. Funnel gives you insights that are always up to date for the best possible accuracy.

Measure real-world performance

Understand incrementality for all channels dropdown
Know where to place your bets. Find out what channels give the highest return for your next marketing dollar.
Optimize budget allocation dropdown
Don't spend less, spend smarter. Get recommendations on how to best balance your budget, or reduce budget without affecting results.
Get accurate data, fresh every day dropdown
Measuring old data is so last week. By analyzing the most accurate and up-to-date data, you'll be able to optimize your marketing ROI in the moment.
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Attribution driven by data

Comprehensive insight into customer journeys dropdown
Multi-touch attribution provides a detailed view of all the touchpoints that influence a customer's decision, enabling more informed marketing strategies.
Improved budget allocation dropdown
By accurately attributing credit to each interaction, businesses can better assess the return on investment for different marketing channels and optimize budget allocation.
Enhanced campaign activation dropdown
Feed reliable attribution data back into advertising platforms for bid optimization to avoid misallocation of budget across the funnel. Integrate insights into CDPs, CRMs, DWHs, or BI tools.
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Pinpoint what makes the difference

Get your counterfactuals straight dropdown
Quickly segment your audience into test and control groups to ensure the most accurate test design.
Compare and identify causation dropdown
Incrementality testing methods goes beyond correlation, providing insights into the direct causal influence of your marketing efforts.
A smarter marketer dropdown
An easy-to-read dashboard will help you identify which levers to pull to optimize ROAS, along with other recommendations. You'll seem like the smartest person in the room.
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By offering a cost-efficient zero maintenance out-of-the-box solution to integrate a wide range of media, ad tech, and data platforms, Funnel has helped us to create a 360 view of our marketing effectiveness.
Thomas van Mastbergen
Digital Marketing Director

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