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Say goodbye to broken dashboards with a marketing data hub. With Funnel, you can have all your data together in one place for analyzing and reporting.

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Funnel empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions and create value for their business. Own your marketing data and use it independent from other teams.


Data-driven strategies

Digital marketing strategies based on accurate and reliable data have a greater impact. Are you ready to show off what you can do?


Better return on investment

Optimizing your ad spend over different channels is easy with Funnel. Spend more time on optimizing campaigns, and less ontedious reporting tasks.

How can you work with Funnel




Effortless exploration with great marketing dashboards.



Marketing effectiveness measured. Outcomes optimized.



Get your data into any tool, data warehouse, or platform.

Spend more of your time on strategic thinking

With rock-solid data collection and cleaning automation, you can open up a world of possibilities with plenty of time to properly analyze and understand the impact of your performance on the business.


Connect to every data source

More than 500 marketing and tech platforms available.

Join data from multiple sources

Combine CRM or sales data with advertising data, and create one reliable source of truth. 

Effortless currency conversion

Funnel converts cost and revenue numbers for you. Ideal for international campaigns.

More insights. Faster and easier

You can create custom metrics and dimensions to get even more insights, faster. Without writing a single line of code.

Automated data sharing 

Automatically share the data from Funnel to Looker Studio, Snowflake, Tableau and many other data destinations.

The best way to track budgets

Prevent overspending by adding your budget data, and compare it with actual spend.

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Funnel saves 4-5 hours per week on reporting. That's the time you can spend reading reports and gaining learnings instead of building themand then looking at it to fetch insights
Yuval Bramson

Online Marketing Lead

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