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Using the PESO framework in digital marketing

Written by Christopher Van Mossevelde
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At one time, the only way for companies to tap into their target audiences was by interrupting them with paid media channels like television advertisements, print ads, news outlets, hoardings, etc. However, the marketing landscape evolved, and p...
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Marketers reveal they lack data confidence

Written by Emma Bäck
Marketers suffer from low confidence due to a skills and technology gap according to new research. With data taking on a stronger role in decision making, marketers fear they are falling behind in the latest critical thinking and analysis capabi...
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What is data classification: best practices and types

Written by Nadica Metuleva
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Working with uncategorized, disorganized data is challenging. Imagine getting inside a library to find a book without knowing where it might be. The books aren’t organized by any system familiar to you - not alphabetically or by genre. Not only ...
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How user experience metrics drastically improve your e-commerce site

Written by Yauhen Zaremba
E-commerce is a competitive digital business model. Over the past decade or so, global e-commerce sales have been moving in one direction: up. As the number of online retailers grows, the level of competition increases, making it more important ...
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Performance marketing vs. brand marketing - and how they work together

Written by Thomas Frenkiel
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What results do you expect from your marketing campaigns? How you answer that question probably depends on whether you focus on performance marketing or brand marketing strategies. Today’s marketers need to balance how they approach performance ...
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What is a modern data stack?

Written by Marc Wortelboer
Warm, fluffy stacks, covered in sweet and sticky maple syrup. Oh, sorry. We’re not talking about pancakes today. Instead, we’re diving into what is a modern data stack. We unpack what a stack is, how data is involved, and what makes the whole th...
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Why marketing automation is a must in your 2023 marketing strategy

Written by Dmytro Zaichenko
Marketing automation can boost the efficiency of your marketing team, your sales productivity, and the overall performance of your business. It’s no wonder the marketing automation sector is expected to grow from $5.2B in 2022 to $9.5B by 2027. ...
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Five Halloween email campaign examples to hallo-win your audience

Written by Alex Souchoroukof
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Now that spooky season has finally arrived again, marketers have a great opportunity to capitalize on the frighteningly festive holiday. One ghoulishly quick tactic is creating Halloween email campaigns.  Run of the mill emails won’t do, though....
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Score the best shoppers with these Black Friday email marketing tips

Written by Reena Aggarwal
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Black Friday is one of the biggest consumer shopping days of the year. While the holiday season seems to start earlier every year, a great Black Friday email marketing campaign can set up your business for year-end sales success. Before we get i...
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Why modern marketers shouldn’t focus on ROAS alone

Written by Kathryn Stockton
Marketing is one of the fastest adapting roles out there - digital advertising, media buying, and performance marketing in particular. The role of a modern marketer is now unlike anything from the old Madison Avenue days. I would argue if we wer...
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