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Same mission, but with an explosive new brand

Written by Megan Lozicki
2 minute read

Fredrik, our fearless CEO, walks into the Marketing area to find Juuso, VP of Growth, stuck staring at his whiteboard. “Juuso, you’ve been staring at this equation for days! Give it a rest!” 

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How to analyze marketing reports

Written by Rebecca DiCioccio
8 minute read

A question that many business owners ask their marketing team is, “How are we doing?” The marketing team addresses the query with a marketing report. 

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A complete guide to Pinterest ads for digital agencies

As of Q4 2020, Pinterest has amassed over 459 million active monthly users and its audience base continues to grow, capturing the attention of the previously elusive male, Millennial, and Gen Z demographic. In the same quarter, Pinterest's revenue grew by 76% year over year to reach $706 million dollars and weekly conversions rose by 300% thanks to its advertising success.

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How to improve your marketing reporting

A question many CMOs ask is, "How do I improve my weekly or monthly marketing reporting?

Every marketer needs to show that the activities they're doing are generating results. The problem arises when marketing reporting becomes such a drag that it takes time away from what’s important - your daily marketing activity.

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What marketing tools should you be using?

All digital marketers ask: What marketing tools do I need to hit my targets? Unfortunately, there's no "one-size-fits-all" answer.

I hear this question daily when talking to potential customers. A digital marketer books a call or meeting with me, but I soon realize that they might not be ready as they still have some fundamental questions to figure out.

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How to add UK Digital Service Tax to your advertising spend

Last year, the UK government introduced a digital service tax (DST). This tax aimed to take a cut of revenues from advertising platforms. While some platforms absorbed the cost, Google has passed this additional 2% tax onto the advertisers from the 1st of November 2020.

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Closing the gap between data engineering & marketing with Funnel and Snowflake

Written by Megan Lozicki
5 minute read

We’re excited to be a part of the Snowflake Data Summit 2021: Data Together Now. When we chose to partner with Snowflake, over a year ago now, we did so because we saw a massive opportunity to help make marketing data more easily accessible to businesses.  

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How does the Funnel marketing team use Funnel?

If I asked you a question about your marketing performance, how long would it take for you to give an accurate answer? Could you answer in a couple of seconds how your cross-channel marketing campaigns are performing?

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How to report on the See, Think, Do, Care marketing funnel

You can look at a marketing funnel in many ways, but the principle remains the same for your marketing strategy and how you structure your campaigns. 

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Overcoming Facebook’s Aggregated Events Measurement with Google Analytics data

With Apple’s recent release of iOS 14.5, marketers are expected to have a hard time optimizing their media spend on Facebook Ads. Though iOS 14.5 introduces the PCM framework (Private Click Measurement) for web-based measurement, this framework will not be actively enforced (unlike the SKAdNetwork framework for apps). Ad platforms can voluntarily choose to opt-in to use this framework, yet none have publicly announced this. 

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