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With Funnel AI, we help the modern marketer move towards data fluency even faster. We build AI features into the Funnel you know and love, to make Funnel AI your data copilot.

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Capabilities powered by Funnel AI

Funnel AI is a set of generative AI technologies that helps you to more efficiently organize and explore data for new insights, and find patterns and anomalies. Funnel AI is a marketer’s data copilot.

Monitor the metrics that matter

Funnel allows you to collect and work with the data that is relevant for your business. Either being CRM, ecom or any other data.

Quick Explore

Data Explorer has always made it easy to perform ad-hoc analysis and find insights on the fly. Now, with Quick Explore, you can surface those juicy insights even faster. Just tell Quick Explore what you would like to investigate, and you will get suggestions for fields, saved views, and templates.

Quick Explore

Suggested descriptions

Instantly get suggestions for descriptions of your dimensions and metrics. Our AI helps you to generate a description for a field based on its rules. These descriptions helps drive productivity and scalability in the marketing team, and allows marketers to create them effortlessly. What used to be an often overlooked part of a robust data foundation is now just a click away.

Suggested Description


Our AI pledge

As we build Funnel for the future of data-driven marketing, AI will play an important role -- one which we take seriously. Rest assured that we will keep your data's security at the forefront as we build for tomorrow.


Data security

Your marketing data will never be shared externally or used for training our AI model. We always manage your data in compliance with the strictest standards, including SOC-2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR.



We don't want to add AI-based features just because we can. They need to deliver value to our customers. That's why you can expect that any AI-driven features will have your success in mind.

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