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Funnel for Data Analysts

Get better insights, faster

Use a marketing data hub to dive deeper into marketing, sales and CRM data to gain insights that fuel your strategies.

NP Digital - Getting better insights with Funnel


Create more impact and value

Collecting, labeling, cleaning and organizing data can take a lot of time. Funnel automates this for you, so you can spend your time in more impactful ways.


Work solo, not slow. No more silos

Funnel’s simple no-code interface allows you to build your own custom dimensions and metrics. Own your data, without being dependent on other teams.


No more broken API’s or dashboards

Funnel integrates with more than 500 platforms and maintains these connections for you. Getting data into a data warehouse for analysis has never been easier.

How can you work with Funnel?



Effortless exploration with great marketing dashboards.



Marketing effectiveness measured. Outcomes optimized.



Get your data into any tool, data warehouse, or platform.

Automated, robust marketing data collection

Customers love Funnel because they get to automatically import data from more than 500 sources. The data is cleaned and transformed in Funnel, and then automatically shared to their BI solution or data warehouse for further analysis.


A robust and scalable solution

Funnel automatically normalizes field names across platforms. Our connectors are robust and ensure that dashboards and reports don’t break.

Automated data mapping

Our smart platform automatically recognizes cost, clicks, and impressions. This makes multi-channel reporting super simple and fast.

Single source of truth

Removes silos, democratizing access to data by offering a standardized and easy way to access data regardless of platform or source.

Share your data anywhere

Easily share marketing data with any team or tool - for example Google Sheets, Data Studio, Power BI, or a data warehouse.

Automatically update your reports

Funnel continuously shares new and updated data with any shared dashboard, report, or data set.

Excellent support from the experts

Our customer success team is always available for consultation and creative problem solving.

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It's freed up hours and hours and hours of time every single week for almost all of our employees.
Torrey Grant
Associate Director of Business Analytics

Modern, data-driven decisions are a click away.