Mission control for your marketing data

The hub at the center of it all. Funnel powers your reporting and analytics to give you incredible control over your performance.

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Funnel - Your marketing data hub
Mission control for your marketing data

With a hub, it all makes sense.

Sitting at the center of your analytics and reporting, Funnel helps you gain control of your marketing performance along every step of the way.



Quickly bring all of your marketing data together from any source.



Securely store all of your data in our centralized hub.



Transform raw data without code to automatically make it ready for analysis.



Easily collaborate and share your data with any team or tool.


Modern, data-driven marketers use Funnel to unlock their potential

We take care of the boring stuff and heavy lifting, so you can focus on the juicy bits: discovering how your marketing can improve.

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    Define marketing effectiveness

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    Optimise your spend

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    Faster and accurate reporting

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    Omni-channel overview

Industry's largest collection of marketing connectors

Access your acquisition and activation data from any of your marketing apps or platforms at any time. Funnel’s industry-leading connectors can be set up in just a few clicks.

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    500+ silky smooth connections

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    Always reliable and secure

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    No coding necessary

Share insights with your crew effortlessly

Whether it's a dashboard, a spreadsheet, a warehouse, or another destination, you can share data and insights with your team in minutes.

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    Automatically updated reports

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    Create a single source of truth

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    Securely manage data visibility


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Our vision is to raise the bar for data driven and actionable insights – to unlock the true impact of data

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Privacy & Security is in our DNA


Empower your teams with a data solution you trust

Funnel provides global enterprises an end to wasted marketing spend, excessive resource requirements, and data quality issues. Give every team a secure single source of truth, without the overhead of a traditional data stack.

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    Improve team efficiency

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    Optimize marketing budgets

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