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Frequently asked questions

Which advertising platforms does Funnel support?

Funnel will pull data from all your advertising platforms, irrespective of what they are. From the start and out of the box. Integrating with advertising platforms is what we do.

Which analytics platforms does Funnel support?

Funnel supports Google Analytics. We pull down data from your Google Analytics account and match it up with you advertising data so you can measure your advertising ROI based on sales as reported by Google Analytics.

Do you need to install a tracking code to use Funnel?

No. We only pull in and report on the data that you already have. We get website tracking data from your Google Analytics account and advertising data from the advertising platforms you use. No code to install. No IT involvement. No lock in.

Does Funnel work if I advertise for more than one website or in more than one country?

Yes. Funnel supports an unlimited number of markets and websites. We even convert currencies for you.

Can I see data retroactively in Funnel?

Yes. Because Funnel pulls down data from your advertising platforms and Google Analytics account we can report as far back as you have data in these accounts.

”Across all channels and markets, Funnel has become my single source of truth”

  • Christos Stavropoulos, Head of Paid Acquisition, iZettle

”Funnel is a mind-blowing product with amazing features, great dashboards and beautiful integration with Google Analytics”

  • Viktor Sundberg, Online Marketing Manager, Stayhard