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  1. “Thanks to Funnel, we increased Return On Advertising Spend by 43% in 12 months. I can hardly remember what life was like before Funnel.”

    Alberto Toso
    Head of Digital Marketing

    "Funnel has the most complete library of advertising platforms I have ever seen."

    Johnathan Romero
    Head of Analytics

    “Funnel saves us 8-10 hours per month and has allowed us to eliminate up to 60% of our marketing costs in specific areas.”

    Anwar Ayad
    Online Marketing

    “Thanks to Funnel I know exactly how much I spent yesterday, and what it generated in terms of sales.”

    Mikael Stålnacke
    Head of Sales

  2. “Funnel brought our reporting to the next level. Before using Funnel, we were doing analysis only on conversion rates. With Funnel, I’m looking at ROI.”

    Mark Bosold
    Head of Analytics & BI

    "Across all channels and markets, Funnel has become my single source of truth."

    Christos Stavropoulos
    Head of Paid Acquisition

    “Funnel support is amazing. They are easy to reach, and help me quickly when I need it.”

    Patrik Segersven
    Digital Sales Manager

    “Funnel is a mind-blowing product with amazing features, great dashboards and beautiful integration with Google Analytics.”

    Viktor Sundberg
    Online Marketing Manager

How it works


With integrations to all your marketing and advertising platforms Funnel automatically collects all the data you need from any data source. Data sources


Easily clean, map and group your data in Funnel’s powerful data mapping interface.


Feed all your marketing data into any tool you like. Power your business intelligence tool with marketing data, feed it directly to your data warehouse, dashboard solution, Google Data Studio or Sheets, or any other tool you are using. Data destinations

Collect all your marketing data and visualize it anywhere

Funnel allows data-driven companies to work smarter by automating marketing data collection and letting them feed this data into any destination they want.

Improve marketing performance by replacing your manual spreadsheet with software

Data that is always up to date.

All data from all your marketing platforms at your fingertips.

Save time and eliminate errors from manual data entry.

Be in control by seeing how you are tracking against budgets and targets in real time.

Tie costs from marketing platforms to results from analytics and backend data to report ROI.

Scalable platform for the entire team that feeds data anywhere you want it.

Building a Marketing Reporting Stack

In 2018 we are observing a new trend. Marketers are increasingly building a sophisticated reporting stack to replace siloed reporting tools and spreadsheets. In this article we deep-dive into the anatomy of a modern marketing reporting stack. Learn how some of the best data-driven businesses build their marketing reporting stacks.

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