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Free yourself from tedious marketing data collection and manipulation tasks to focus on higher-value activities, whilst cutting down on platform maintenance and the number of support tickets.


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Benefits for Engineers and IT Departments

Building marketing integrations, maintaining connections and answering support tickets, are all seen as low-value tasks that you can replace with Funnel. Invest your time on the projects that you enjoy and ultimately bring more value to your company.

New platforms and ongoing maintenance covered

Funnel has platform specific teams that specialise in API changes, broken connections, general updates/maintenance, and building new connections, even if an API isn’t available for your desired platform.

A secure and reliable solution

Security and reliability is our number one priority. The data is encrypted during transfer and rest, we’ve had 99.99% uptime during the last 3 years, we’re GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified and we can sign service level agreements if needed. Our security focused development teams ensure that your data is always safe.

Export your data to any destination, at any time

Once your marketing data has been centralized, it doesn’t need to be kept in Funnel. You can set up multiple scheduled exports to Data Warehouses, BI solutions, or Visualization platforms, so each part of your team can work in their preferred tools.

A single source of truth for all of your marketing data

Not only does Funnel centralise all of your marketing data, we also update the data frequently and take historic changes into consideration. The data is always available in Funnel, which means that if an individual channel is down, you can still access the data when you need it.

Extensive domain knowledge and support

Understanding the data is the key to success, which is why our developers have extensive domain knowledge. They know the data, how it’s aggregated, how it’s used, and how to utilize it. Our team is always there to help and answer any questions you may have.

Preserve raw data and maintain accuracy and granularity

When creating and updating connections, we ensure that we’re always pulling the most granular data that’s available. The raw data is always preserved which means that you won’t lose anything when applying transformation in Funnel or externally.

  1. “Funnel lets us solidly offload our marketing integration efforts.”

    Aria Stewart
    Senior Frontend Developer & Database Administrator,
    The Grommet

    “It just works in the background and it doesn’t cause any trouble whatsoever. Data is always pulled across in a timely fashion and it’s downloaded quickly.”

    Roger Fletton
    Head of Engineering,
    Havas Media UK

    “I can trust the data without logging into the local platforms.”

    Patrick Kool
    Product Lead - Marketing Automation,

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Obtain full control over your data and costs

In order to become truly data-driven, you need to have full control over your data. Funnel’s Data Core, with its contextual data model, takes messy, siloed data from all of your data platforms to automatically generate Business-Ready data that is fully harmonized, up-to-date and always ready to act upon. With integrations to advertising platforms, CRM tools, Ecommerce platforms, and a wide range of other marketing channels, you can finally obtain a complete overview of your marketing efforts, without creating and managing a large number of integrations internally.

Security and Reliability

Security Resources

Funnel’s security focused development teams number one priority is the safety of your data.

Service Uptime

Funnel’s had an impressive 99.99% uptime over the last 3 years!

Data Frequency and accuracy

We download and update data as often as each platform allows. It’s not only new data, we also sync old data frequently to ensure historic changes are taken into consideration.

Data Encryption

Funnel encrypts data at rest and during transfer.

Data Protection

Funnel is GDPR compliant and we’ll sign service level agreements if needed.

Brainlabs Case Study

“We looked at doing this as an internal project, but realised that we’d be spending unsustainable amounts of developer time on building and maintaining what would essentially still be an inferior product to Funnel.”

James Freeman
Software Developer

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A fully modular, scalable and adaptive solution

When it comes to marketing, iteration has become the new norm. Marketers are constantly changing the platforms they advertise on and companies are always experimenting with the tools they use to store and visualise the data. Funnel empowers the business user by enabling them to add, remove and transform data from different platforms without requiring IT assistance. If you want to change the destination of your data, you can easily do so without breaking the data model or having to reconfigure everything.

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