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Dashboards that take center stage

Find unparalleled data insights. Build fast and impactful dashboards in Funnel Dashboards or in industry-leading tools like Looker Studio, PowerBI, or Tableau.

Don't just observe data – engage with it!


Watch your data come alive with Funnel Dashboards




Frictionless data exploration

Why wait for data to propagate when you can visualize it instantly? Funnel Dashboards give you robust visualization capabilities in a completely customizable package. Whether you need to provide high-level executive summaries or granular reporting on performance fluctuations, Funnel Dashboards can handle it all in a matters of clicks


Swift and secure dashboards

Funnel Dashboards are built for high performance, even with extremely large data sets. This allows you to scale according to your organization’s needs while maintaining the strictest privacy and security standards.


Effortless reporting, anywhere

Funnel integrates with all your favorite dashboards and visualization tools to meet you where you're at.


Integrates with your visualization platform


  • Get started quickly with native integrations
    We have partnered with Microsoft, Google and Tableau for a complete data integration at the click of a button.


  • Make your data visuzalisation ready
    Avoid complicated data mapping in your visualization tool. With Funnel, you get the data you need in one easy-to-use table.


  • Provide the team with several BI options
    Funnel allows you to visualize your data in mutiple BI solutions at the same time. Is one team using Looker Studio and another Power BI? No problem – get the same consistent and accurate data regardless of tool!



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Google Looker Studio
Channel data from multiple sources, automate repetitive tasks, and get reliable data in all your dashboards.

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Microsoft Power BI
Save time, take control, and own your marketing data with Funnel’s direct integration with Power BI.

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Use Funnel to collect all your marketing data,and automatically share it to Tableau.

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