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Yauhen Zaremba

Yauhen is the Director of Demand Generation at PandaDoc, an all-in-one management tool for almost all types of documents. He’s been a marketer for 10+ years. For the last five years, he’s been entirely focused on the electronic signature, proposal, and document management markets. Yauhen has experience speaking at niche conferences where he enjoys sharing his expertise with other curious marketers. And in his spare time, he is an avid fisherman and takes nearly 20 fishing trips every year.

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How user experience metrics drastically improve your e-commerce site

Written by Yauhen Zaremba
E-commerce is a competitive digital business model. Over the past decade or so, global e-commerce sales have been moving in one direction: up. As the number of online retailers grows, the level of competition increases, making it more important ...
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