Case Studies

Learn how organizations around the world use Funnel to take back control of their marketing data.

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Find out how Social Lab Group built a global media database for benchmarking and automated its reporting.

Learn how by having their marketing data available and business-ready, Elastic has decreased year-over-year CPA on LinkedIn.

FREE NOW is Europe’s leading multi-mobility platform backed by BMW Group and Daimler AG. Next to ride hailing, FREE NOW also offers micro-mobility services such as e-scooters, e-bikes, e-vespas as well as car sharing.

50+ clients in France have their reporting powered by Funnel. Find out what benefits Havas Media Group France has gained from the platform.

"Thanks to Funnel, I've got a good overview now of the various channels and markets, can compare periods, and do it all super fast," - Rachel Wathelet, Digital Marketer.

Learn how Goodgame Studios uses Funnel to get ad spend data to calculate true ROAS and understand how they should optimize their marketing.

Learn how Samsonite has been able to create a one-stop-shop for marketing data for the entire APAC region with Funnel.


Learn how AppsFlyer has been able to unlock the full potential of their marketing data, and get an accurate picture of how their marketing efforts are impacting their business goals.

Learn how Dustin has been able to get e-commerce data they trust, when they need it. They’ve also been able to streamline their reporting for all of the markets they advertise and operate in.

Learn about how Havas Media London have been able to increase the frequency at which they provide insights to their clients.

Learn about how Havas Media Netherlands have been able to increase the time they spend on analysing their client data.


After implementing Funnel, Journey Further is now able to focus more on optimizing their clients' marketing performance rather than worrying about how to just get the data in the first place.


Rebtel is on a mission to build products serving the 2 billion internationals of the world. Starting, but not stopping, with communications and international calling to connect all migrants with their friends and family worldwide.

Learn how Mais Clicks, a digital marketing agency in Brazil uses Funnel to increase the size of their customer base and eliminate manual reporting.

trivago was having difficulties scaling their data collection process and supporting local search engines. This all changed when they implemented Funnel.

Since starting with Funnel in 2016, data collection and aggregation has no longer been an issue. Learn how ABA English achieved this and took back control of their marketing budget.

Learn how Brainlabs, an award-winning paid media agency utilises Funnel to eliminate the manual reporting process and build trust with their clients.

Since implementing Funnel, DEINHANDY spends time analysing their return on investment instead of collecting marketing data.

Learn how The 7 Stars created a centralized marketing data hub and now impresses their clients with dynamic reports.

Lanieri, an ecommerce company specializing in custom made Italian suits increased their ROAS by 43% in 12 months, thanks to Funnel.

NA-KD was struggling to see the cost of sale per channel and campaign on a daily basis. This was solved moments after starting with Funnel.

Competing against other hotels and online travel agents, Nordic Choice uses Funnel to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the competition.

Getting a single view of cost and tracking data in a single place was vital for Crowdcube. Learn how they utilized Funnel as a one-stop shop for their marketing data.

Learn how Funnel became the cornerstone for Scalable Capital’s digital media investments across the globe.

Implementing new software can sometimes be a daunting task, but not with Funnel. We asked Michael Walkden, a Senior Business Intelligence Developer at Search Laboratory, a few questions about the Funnel trial process.

  1. "Funnel brought our reporting to the next level. Before using Funnel, we were doing analysis only on conversion rates. With Funnel, I’m looking at ROI."

    Mark Bosold
    Head of Analytics & BI, Dein Handy

    "Thanks to Funnel I know exactly how much I spent yesterday, and what it generated in terms of sales."

    Mikael Stålnacke
    Head of Sales, NA-KD

  2. "Funnel has the most complete library of advertising platforms I have ever seen."

    Johnathan Romero
    Head of Analytics, The 7 Stars

    "Funnel support is amazing. They are easy to reach, and help me quickly when I need it."

    Patrik Segersven
    Digital Sales Manager, Nordic Choice Hotels / eBerry

  3. "Across all channels and markets, Funnel has become my single source of truth."

    Christos Stavropoulos
    Head of Paid Acquisition, iZettle

    "Funnel is a mind-blowing product with amazing features, great dashboards and beautiful integration with Google Analytics."

    Viktor Sundberg
    Online Marketing Manager, Stayhard

  4. ”Funnel gives me peace of mind. I have full control of advertising spend across all my ad channels and save multiple hours a week.”

    Peter von Knobloch
    Online Marketing Manager,

    ”Funnel saves us 8-10 hours per month and has allowed us to eliminate up to 60% of our marketing costs in specific areas.”

    Anwar Ayad
    Online Marketing, TecTake