Crowdcube is the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platform. Crowdcube’s equity crowdfunding enables anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up, early-stage and growth businesses through equity, debt, and investment fund options.

Crowdcube's Objective

As an innovative company, Crowdcube needed a solution for the collation and reporting of their digital marketing that fitted their business. Crowdcube’s reporting needed to be exact and automated. Previously Crowdcube had to download and upload reports from all of their media partners to get a clear view of how each of their products and investments were doing and how many investors they were attracting. This was neither a scalable nor an automated solution for Crowdcube and consumed a lot of time for the team.

Funnel's Solution for Crowdcube

Crowdcube uses Funnel to remove the need to download and upload media data. The Funnel onboarding team worked with Crowdcube to configure the reporting and create dashboards that answered all of their daily media effectiveness questions. Funnel provides a clear view of what is working in all digital media channels for Crowdcube and its customers. Funnel is now used to provide clarity across Crowdcube’s senior management team in real-time and help drive the business forward through greater media efficiency and company-wide reporting. 

Crowdcube + Funnel Highlights

  • Automation of download and upload of media data

  • Dashboards that answer all daily media effectiveness questions

  • A clear view of what is working in all digital media channels to help drive media efficiency.

“With attribution front and center of Crowdcube’s mind at the moment, getting that single view of cost and session data in a single place is vital. The real benefit we see is being able to get not just paid data in one place but also social, display, and marketing cost data all into a single place automatically. Other solutions can do this but at present they are rather manual.”

Business benefits

Before Funnel

No centralized marketing data hub

No live automated dashboards

No clear overview of marketing channels

No automated data collection and transformation

With Funnel

Centralized marketing data hub

Live automated dashboards

Clear overview of marketing channels

Automated data collection and transformation

Funnel interviewed


Jonny Day
Head of Digital Marketing