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Funnel is the leading marketing data hub designed to help marketing teams own their performance. Funnel takes care of the boring stuff and heavy lifting, so you can focus on the juicy bits: discovering how your marketing can improve.

Funnel - Your Marketing Data Hub

2000+ modern, data-driven marketers use Funnel to unlock their potential

A hub where all your marketing data makes sense

With Funnel marketers can connect data from any marketing platform, store, organize, and share it with any visualization tool or data warehouse – all without writing a single line of code. A marketing data hub that is a single source of truth for your marketing performance.


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Connect all your marketing data in a single hub

Funnel allows you to collect data from more than 500 marketing and sales platforms in a few clicks. Our fast, reliable, maintenance-free, and robust solution makes it easy to scale across teams, regions, or brands.


Store your data in a hub you can trust

Funnel offers a central storehouse for all your original data along with any custom fields that you create. All while meeting the toughest standards for governance, security, and control. Your data is always up to date, complete, accurate, and ready for reporting and analysis.


Organize your data according to your needs

With prebuilt and custom rules, you can easily and automatically prepare you data for analysis. Apply game-changing transformations without affecting the underlying data -- giving you unparalleled analytical flexibility.



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Visualize your data in an instant

Why wait for data to populate a dashboard somewhere else when you can explore and visualize it all in a single place? Funnel Dashboards help you do exactly that with a fully customizable layout. Choose from your favorite graphs, tables, and score cards to tell the story of your success.

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Share anywhere effortlessly

Ensure your marketing data reaches any destination, reporting tool, or data warehouse. That includes your tools for reporting, building dashboards, analysis, and more. All while maintaining complete control from the central marketing data hub.


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Get a secure, scalable, and accurate solution for data collection and transformation.

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