Before Funnel With Funnel
Marketing overview No Yes
Testing new ad platforms on the fly No Yes
Automated data collection and transformation No Yes

The Company

Lanieri is the first made-to-measure 100% custom Italian suits ecommerce store. Combining fashion and technology, Lanieri has quickly come to be known as an innovator in the digital space. Creativity and trying new things are strong drivers for the Lanieri team; from the one of a kind website to being among the first Italian fashion brands to accept Bitcoin. As a result, Lanieri was twice awarded Best Italian Ecommerce (2016 & 2017) by Netcom, as well as being listed among Startup Italia’s top ten Italian startups in 2017.

The Problem

Complex marketing setup

Alberto Toso, Head Of Digital Marketing at Lanieri, was advertising in 5 countries, across 12 ad platforms including Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. In his daily work, he needed to answer several questions:

  • Where is his marketing budget best invested? Which network and campaigns have the best ROAS?
  • What campaign types are most efficient in each platform?
  • Which network is best for driving top-funnel activity?

Reporting took forever

In order to answer these questions, he had to go through a long manual process.

  • Manually export data such as Impressions, Clicks and Cost from every ad account in every platform.
  • Manually export data such as transactions and revenue from Google Analytics.
  • Match cost to revenue for each campaign in Excel.

Reports were prone to errors, and hard to overview

He would create these Excel reports as an overview for his CEO, or in preparation for investor meetings. But the reports took too much time and effort to be done on a weekly basis. In addition they were hard to overview and often had errors due to the human factor. As a result, Alberto usually didn’t bother creating a cross-channel performance report for his own daily use. Instead, he obsessively logged in to each ad platform as well as Google Analytics and tried to keep mental tabs on his various campaigns.

With this process it was easy to see how much revenue each Lanieri campaign was driving, but he didn’t have cost information available. In the end, decision making was often based on only half the required information. He realized that he would be able to vastly improve performance if he had an automatic way to visualize Return on Ad Spend.

The Solution

Automatic data collection and data prep

With Funnel, Alberto automated the whole data collection and data prep process for Lanieri. He connected Google Analytics and all his advertising platforms to Funnel. The system now automatically collects his marketing data and matches his investments to transactions and goals. As a result, Alberto is able to create a real-time overview of the performance of each campaign, and can compare results as they come in.

So anytime Alberto gets a question from the CEO, he has an updated cross-channel performance report ready to go.

Testing on the fly

“Funnel has allowed me to do testing in a big way. When I want to try a new advertising platform, I can usually connect it to Funnel in less than a minute. This way, I immediately see the new platform in my dashboards. Automatically comparing new platforms to existing ones helps me make the right decisions quicker.”
“Thanks to Funnel, we increased ROAS by 43% in 12 months.”

Alberto Toso
Head Of Digital Marketing,

Lanieri's Marketing reporting stack