Executive summary:

Discover how Rebtel, a telecom company, transformed its marketing analytics with Funnel. Faced with manual reporting challenges and budget constraints, Rebtel's adoption of Funnel led to an automated, integrated reporting system across all marketing channels. This case study highlights their journey from overcoming reporting obstacles to optimizing campaign strategies and data integration, showcasing a significant evolution in their marketing approach.

Key results:

  • Fully automated reporting, covering all Rebtel’s marketing channels
  • Alleviating manual work has allowed focusing on campaign optimisation
  • Seamless transition from Looker Studio to Snowflake 

Company profile:

Rebtel is a telecommunication company on a mission to build products serving the 2 billion internationals of the world. Starting, but not stopping, with communications and international calling to connect all migrants with their friends and family worldwide. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Rebtel has 70 employees and achieved a turnover of $162m in 2022. 

The challenge: Outgrowing its current tool

During a period of rapid growth, the marketing team at Rebtel was facing a challenge with the tool they used to extract data and reports from their various marketing channels. The tool in question had a tiered pricing list, meaning that access to certain connectors and reports was gated in different plans. The team at Rebtel was told they needed to move to a higher price plan in order to get access to the connectors they needed to get a full overview of its marketing spend. Without the option to increase the budget, the marketing team at Rebtel had to resort to supplementing the automated reporting with manual reports. In practice, this meant coming in early every Monday morning to manually pull together some of the reports ahead of the company meeting. 

Naturally, this situation was becoming untenable and the Rebtel team set out to find a solution that could solve their entire marketing reporting needs, and within the budget at their disposal. 

The solution: A platform for marketing to build on

In parallel with the marketing team having challenges with its reporting, the data team at Rebtel was looking into building a unified data stack for the entire company, including marketing data. This data stack project was estimated to take several months to complete, but the marketing team was in dire need of a solution to help them in the short term and could not wait for that project to be completed. 

Setting out to find a solution, the marketing team now had a clear idea of what they were looking for, summarized in a list of requirements:

  • Quick implementation
  • Cover all Rebtel’s marketing channels
  • No development resources required
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Bonus: Great support

Having evaluated the different vendors in the reporting space, the marketing team completed a trial with Funnel and found that it checked all the specified requirements. 

The results: Setting up for future success

The marketing team hit the ground running and got started by setting up all their data sources in Funnel, building the custom dimensions and metrics needed, and connecting Funnel to their reports in Looker Studio. This allowed them to build a series of automated and granular reports that alleviated them of all the manual processes they previously had to go through. Yi Li, Head of Acquisition at Rebtel, found this new reporting flow to be exactly what they needed: “Looker Studio has powerful visualization functions that could solve the initial needs that we had, and Funnel has a really good integration with Looker Studio, it’s just one click away.”

Yi Li also notes that automating manual work had other benefits, because it allowed the marketing team to spend more time with the data, and react to anomalies. With Funnel’s power to aggregate large datasets, the team was able to set up a series of overview widgets in Looker Studio and drill-down to very granular data when needed. This gave the team the tools they needed to identify underperforming campaigns quickly and make the necessary adjustments, saving the team budget that would otherwise have been wasted. 

At this point, the data team had gotten to the stage where they had selected Snowflake as its data warehouse, and was looking for the best solution to ingest marketing data into the platform. Via the Rebtel marketing team, the data team was able to evaluate Funnel’s connection to Snowflake with its own set of criteria, and found that it met all the requirements it had for an ETL solution for marketing data. With most data sources already set up, the data team was able to start sending data from Funnel to Snowflake within 2 hours making it a truly smooth process. 

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