Rebtel is on a mission to build products serving the 2 billion internationals of the world. Starting, but not stopping, with communications and international calling to connect all migrants with their friends and family worldwide.

They’ve recently launched a new product, MAJORITY - The first financial membership built by migrants, for modern migrants. It’s an all-in-one app for managing money, sending money, and international calls, and more.


The Problem

Back in 2018, Rebtel’s Acquisition team was searching for a new platform that would give them the ability to get a true overview of all of their marketing KPIs. Their previous solution only allowed them to create a limited number of reports, so it was nearly impossible to get the full picture of their campaign and channel performance. This made it difficult to make the right decisions and no one on the team felt fully confident about what they were spending, and that the money was well spent.

They found themselves having to choose between trying to squeeze more out of their budget to create additional reports or switching to a different solution that gave them the flexibility and reporting possibilities they needed.

Data Flow & Report Model 1.0 - before


The Solution

Creating the overview they needed

The Rebtel Acquisition team got up and running quickly with Funnel and were able to create all of the reports they needed via Funnel’s direct connection to Data Studio.

They were now able to dive deeper into the performance of different channels, products, platforms, and more.

Data Flow & Report Model 2.0 - with Funnel


Building an Adaptable Marketing Reporting Solution

When Rebtel found Funnel their company was also in the middle of a project to create a company-wide reporting solution. Therefore, the Acquisition team’s chosen solution needed to provide the possibility to easily move the data from one visualization tool to the next.

Luckily, this is what Funnel does best.

Rebtel’s Business Intelligence (BI) team chose the new data warehouse and visualization tools they wanted to have in their reporting ecosystem - Snowflake and Looker, and Funnel was able to accommodate them. The Acquisition team was also able to maintain their reporting in Data Studio while the BI team began the process of getting the marketing data set up in Looker. This was extremely powerful since they didn’t lose any reporting capabilities while waiting for the new company solution.

They have now moved away from Data Studio and are using Looker for their reporting.

Data Flow & Report Model 3.0 - also with Funnel



Rebtel has been able to future-proof their marketing reporting by putting Funnel at the core of their solution.

You can watch the webinar to learn more and hear directly from Yi Li, Head of Acquisition at Rebtel, about their experience with Funnel.