Scalable Capital is a Personalised Investment Management solution that provides the most convenient form of investment and takes care of all investment decisions. Scalable Capital utilizes innovative technology to continuously measure and monitor the risks in customer’s portfolios. All portfolio adjustments are made automatically. So far this type of service has been reserved for very wealthy clients, but Scalable Capital is bringing personalized investment management to everyone.

Scalable Capital's Objective

As a young company, Scalable Capital had not yet been able to focus IT resources on building a sophisticated, integrated in-house marketing reporting dashboard to manage their digital advertising data, and therefore just used Excel for everything. The process was very manual, and included constant uploading and downloading of data which then had to be compiled into Excel and manually analyzed before exporting once again to share information with internal teams. This was extremely time and resource-intensive and did not enable easy distribution of data throughout the business.


Funnel's Solution for Scalable Capital

Funnel was implemented to enable daily monitoring of campaigns and business growth without the need to log into each individual media partner’s platform to download data to understand how the business is growing. Excel is no longer required to share detailed reports across the business, now Scalable gets their digital advertising data at-a-glance. Funnel is now part of the daily reporting structure across the marketing team, giving an instant update from the dashboards and enabling real-time reporting to the entire business. When your largest marketing expense is digital, being in control is a prerequisite. Scalable Capital can now focus onbusiness intelligence instead of spending endless hours on manual data transformation, analysis, and report creation in Excel.

Scalable Capital + Funnel Highlights

Automated download and upload of advertising and analytics data Dashboards and reports enabling real-time reporting to the entire business Excel no longer needed to share data across the business

“With the launch of our business in the UK, Funnel is going to be our cornerstone of reporting on all our digital media investment. It’s a really cost-effective and time-saving solution that makes all of our digital reporting data accessible to the whole business.”

Business benefits

Before Funnel

No centralized marketing data hub

No live, automated dashboards

No cross-market reports

IT resources required

With Funnel

Centralized marketing data hub

Live automated dashboards

Cross-market reports

No, IT resources required

Funnel interviewed


Nathalie Landron
Head of Marketing
Scalable Capital